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4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle

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Spend less time on dinner, and more time actually enjoying your evenings.

The 4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle is your step-by-step plan for prepping a month of meals in just 4 hours.

The 4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle is PERFECT for anyone who wants to make real meals for their family without stressing about meal planning, and fighting the clock at dinnertime! 


  1. How to freezer prep a month's worth of meals in just one evening!
  2. How to save time and get your evenings back
  3. My best tips on prepping freezer meals that taste great!


  1. A full step-by-step printable meal prep guide to get ALL the meals done in just four hours. We use 10 recipes to create 20 meals!
  2. Comprehensive grocery list of every single thing you'll need. 
  3. A one-month meal plan so you know what to eat each week AND a blank copy so you can make one yourself! 
  4.  Super helpful tips and instructions based on each recipe and step you'll take. 
  5.  Alternative instructions to make each recipe Dairy-free and Gluten-free! Have questions about other dietary restrictions? Check the FAQs below!
  6.  Cooking instructions for Instant Pot/Crockpots, or in the oven when necessary! Most of the recipes are dump recipes, AKA you are throwing them in and calling it DONE!
  7. A freezer inventory sheet so you keep track of everything you have ready!
Is this you?
  • Mealtimes, no matter what time of day, are stressful. You’re always dreading the question ‘what do we have to eat?’
  • You end up eating out for lunches, dinners, and more breakfasts than you care to admit because looking at the fridge and figuring out what to eat is stressful.
  • Between work, school, and extra-curricular activities you feel like you are always running to one thing or another and cooking a meal always ends up being impossible
  • Even with a fridge full of food you don’t know what to make and half of it ends up going bad.
  • You hate being asked what is for lunch because you never really know. 

Who wants to try and chop up vegetables in the middle of that kind of nonsense? 

What if meals looked like this instead?
  • No more scrolling for Pinterest for recipes that may not work out in the end
  • No more stressing over making the perfect meal plan and making your own grocery list
  • No more stressful nights where you try to prep lunch while your kids are super grumpy
  • No more rushing to McDonald's to grab lunch (that costs more than this easy step-by-step guide!)
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    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle
    4 Seasons Freezer Meal Guide Bundle


    How will I get the product after I purchase?

    The access to your purchase will come via email! You'll be given access to a dashboard where you can download your purchase anytime you want and on any device.

    I don't have enough room in my freezer!

    I do a month of freezer meal prep only with the freezer attached to my fridge! This takes way less space than you'd think. If you are concerned I recommend starting only making two weeks of meals.

    I have food intolerances or allergies, how do I know if this is safe?

    As a food allergy mom myself I take allergies and dietary restrictions VERY seriously.

    All of my guides have dairy and gluten alternatives listed.

    They typically do not contain nuts.

    This guide is also free of fish, sesame, or shellfish.

    This guide does include soy, it can be substituted for coconut aminos with no issues.

    If you have any other dietary restrictions and wonder if this will work for you please feel free to email me at and I am more than happy to help you figure out if it will work for your family!

    I've had freezer meals before and they taste bad. How are these different?

    Yep, I totally get that. ALL of these meals have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the freezer.

    They taste amazing! There isn't any discernable taste difference for these recipes.

    These are not just leftovers frozen, they are specifically made to be delicious from the freezer.

    Do you offer refunds?

    Yep! I offer a 30 day money back guarentee because I seriously LOVE this product and know it's totally worth it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Sara Callahan
    Just what I needed!

    I love this product! The step by step prep guide is so easy to follow and allows you to break up prep days if needed. The freezer tips and tricks and the full recipes are so helpful! Everything we've tried so far tastes amazing! I love being able to have meals ready whenever I need them. The portions are big, so great for a family. We have just 2 adults and can eat on one meal for a couple days!

    Dinner time is now a breeeeeze!

    We needed something quick and easy. We are no stranger to meal prep but even our go to meal plans were just not cutting it anymore. Sure tacos are quick but it still required 15 min standing at the stove. These meals require so little time and it’s the best! We really like all of the winter meals (except the veggie pasta - not bad just not our flavor profile). The whole month cost us $320 in NC. We have so much time just not on week nights but also one the weekends. No more multi store shopping trips taking up our Saturdays. I’m recommending this to everyone!

    Melissa Bader-Huesgen
    I was hesitant, but I’m so glad I got it.

    Honestly, my husband and I thought I was spending more money on something we wouldn’t use and boy am I glad we were wrong. This was a huge help for this neurodivergent mom to have a spelled out list to shop and prep and make each meal. It all fit in our freezer, and didn’t take forever. Our kids love the food and it has helped us save SO much money as well because we aren’t eating out as much.


    this has been a GAME CHANGER for my family. we are eating more nutritious meals with little to no cleanup. even my 2 year old enjoys most of them!!

    As a busy mother who also works full time, finding the energy to meal plan/ prep and execute has been challenging. this has changed my life and ill never go back!

    Game Changer!

    Absolutely love these guides for meal prep! They have helped us eat out less and spend more time with family. Be sure leave an open afternoon to prep each month, but 4-5 hours for 20 dinners is awesome. Following the guides was simple, highly recommend the purchase!